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How to Keep Dust Out of The Computer

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dust out of the computerInfo:

Many people would like to avoid dusting at all cost but when it comes to computers it’s a must. Eventually you will either have to dust the inside of your computer or have a professional clean it for you.

To help limit this you should keep dust out of the computer. Below are a few things you can do to help keep dust out of the computer. Without properly caring for your computer you may end up having to purchase a new one quicker than your budget would like.

Things you will need:


Dust cover


Step 1:

Make sure your computer is on a desk or table. Dust will always settle with the most collecting at the lowest point, the floor. It is best to store your computer at the highest possible level to avoid dust collecting on it and eventually in it.

Step 2:

`Cover your computer with a dust cover or small sheet when its not being used.

Step 3:

Cover open slots to help keep the dust out. Some slots are necessary to avoid overheating but there are larger slots that may not be being used that can be covered like your peripheral slot. If allowed to sit open it would be as damaging as a hole the size of a basket ball in your house.

Step 4:

Keep your computer in an area that has little dust accumulation or build up. A room that is well ventilated will be less likely to allow dust to build up on your computer.

Step 5:

Wipe down the outside of your computer at least once a week to avoid dust collecting and working its way into your computer.

Step 6:

As a final resort you can install an additional fan into your computer. You should have one fan that circulates the air to keep your computer from overheating. The second fan should blow the air out of the computer to prevent dust from settling inside your computer.

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