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How to Decorate your Bulletin Board for Christmas

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Written by Bill Hanks   

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, teachers and office personnel start decorating their bulletin boards for Christmas.  This article will give you some ideas and tips for decorating your bulletin board for Christmas.

Step One; Pick a theme.  Any theme will work that relates to Christmas.  Depending on where you are at, some do not allow nativity scenes.  Always make sure that you have an okay to proceed with a nativity or religious theme.  Here is a list of theme ideas.  Candy Cane, Gingerbread House, Sleigh Ride, Stockings, Rural Holiday, Snow Sports, Christmas Cookies, Santa's Workshop,Reindeer Games, Snowmen, Snowflakes, Wildlife, Evergreen Tree Forest, Snow Mountains, Downtown City Shops just to mention a few.  I saw one board that had a donation tree on it.  there were colored little envelopes.  People could place a small card with a pledge to a charity of their choice.  the envelopes were left open.  This was to encourage others to look and see what had been done.  No pledge was too small or too large.  You might even consider paper ornaments. You could set a limit if you want.  Pick a theme and go with it.

Back board Base Color.  Try to stay with a solid holiday color.   Try to avoid Green and Red.  Go with blue, gold, silver, light pink or a purple shade. I have even seen gift wrap paper used. If you can use a fabric instead of paper, do so.

Decorations.  Put some old things to good use.  Old Christmas cards have all types of things to use.  You can cut them out and put them to good use.  Cotton balls can be used for snow and snowmen.  Buttons can be used as ornaments.  Beans of all colors can be used as bricks and ornaments, too.  Pipe cleaners can be painted and used for items.  toothpicks can be used to help give a three dimensional view on certain items.  Little silver bells can also be put to use.

Border your Board.  You can use evergreen garland, a homemade construction paper chain, lights, silver tassel string, bows in the corners and even wrapping ribbon or string.

One tip, I would give you is this.  Ask others to get involved.  Gather ideas and help.  The more the merrier, as they say.  Getting more involve also adds to the holiday spirit.

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