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How to Make Santa with a Recycled Light Bulb

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Written by Susan   

recycled lightInfo:

If you’re in need a craft for a group or a nice gift for a friend this is the perfect craft for you. This really is much easier than it looks and will be greatly enjoyed for years to come. The great thing is that this craft really is inexpensive to make. This would even be a great gift to give to office friends to decorate your boring cubes during the holidays.

Things you will need:

Rubbing alcohol

White acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint

Flesh tone acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

Blue acrylic paint

Paint brush

1 white chenille stem

Red felt

White pompom

white fleece scrap  

Hot glue gun

Step 1:

Start by cleaning your light bulb with rubbing alcohol this will prepare the bulb for painting by clean the bulb and remove any oils from your skin.

Step 2:

Next you will need to paint the bulb with a base coat of white. I suggest two layers to make sure it is covered completely.

Step 3:

Hold the light bulb with the socket facing upward. The socket will be covered by the Santa hat and the face should be on the side of the bulb now facing you. Using the flesh tone paint make an oval on the side of the light bulb. This will be the face. Allow to dry.

Step 4:

Using the white paint make whiskers around the oval top and sides. Also add a large mustache across the bottom of the oval. Add white eye brows toward the top of the flesh tone oval.

Step 5:

Using a small paint brush add a thin line of red just below the mustache for the lips and two small circles of red above the moustache for cheeks. You can add white over the red to give a pinker look to the cheeks if you would like, it will make him look more natural.

Step 6:

With a fine tipped paint brush add a circle of blue for each of the eyes.

Step 7:

Outline the eyes with black using a fine tipped paint brush. You can also add black streaks to the beard and mustache if you would like with the fine tipped paint brush. Just remember less is more.

Step 8:

Set your Santa to the side to allow the paint to dry.

Step 9:

Now you can start on the hat. To make the hat you will need to crate a cone with the red felt. Add a bead of hot glue along the edge of the felt and overlap the two edges about a quarter of an inch. Cut the bottom of the cone in a straight line and add the white fleece to the bottom edge with hot glue. Also apply a small dab of glue to the tip of the cone and attach the pompom.

Step 10:

To create the hanger for your Santa from a recycled light bulb you will need to wrap the chenille stem around the light bulb where the metal socket meets the glass bulb leaving equal lengths of stem at the back twist the chenille stem to hold it in place. With the remaining stem you will need to create a loop to hang the Santa from a recycled light bulb on your tree or wreath.

Step 11:

Take the hat and put it onto the Santa covering the light socket completely. You can add a little glue to keep it in place if you would like.

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