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How to Get paid to refer people. Make $100 a day or more.

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Written by Adrianne Izaguirre   

Just to think, you only need to reach 20 people each day to earn at least $100 each day. Instead of trying to promote products, reach 1000's of visitors, or working so much online with no return – I found a better approach that will guarantee at least $100 per day or even more, depending on how much you work. I’ll teach you how to start earning money online. The first step you need to do is signup for these two programs below. Don’t forget to use my referral link and I will give you $3 back just for signing up!

Inbox Dollars
This is a genuine site which lets you to earn money for just reading mails in your inbox. I seldom read e-mails, because I mostly get paid for the referrals I make at $5 per referral and you can too. The name suggests you that you can earn a lot of dollars through your inbox.

Get 10% of what your referrals make.
Starts with an attractive signup of $5 bonus.
For completing your profile you will earn $1.

So without doing any work you can earn $6. But if you work you can earn a lot. You have to work if you really a hand full of money because $25 is needed to redeem the cash. You can earn by cashsurveys, cashgames free offers, cash shopping and ofcourse the offers you receive in your inbox.
Referral programs earns you a lot in this site. You’ll be credited 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals. So you can make more money if you have internet at home. You can join Inboxdollars because 100% free to join and Genuine Payment. You account will be active only if you login once a week. So login once a week and read atleast 2or 3 mails a week.

CashBurners Affiliate Program
This is a wonderful program because you 40 – 50% comissions, and 10% downline referrals, 2 levels deep.
$50 bonus just for joining, and $1 bonus for everyone you refer.

$50 signup bonus.
$1 bonus per referral.
Free Store Setup.
Get paid 0.16c per forum post.

This is a basic free store set up for people who want to sell online through their store, but at the moment I am only earning them affilliates because I really don’t have the time to sell online. You also get paid 0.16c per post in the Forums which is a very high payout compared to Mylot and other paid to post forums.

Tutorial on how to get paid to refer people!

First, make a website at blogspot.com. If you don’t know how to make one, they will  provide one for you and all you need to do is post. It is a blog site that lets you add anything you like. Better yet, it is indexed by Google right away so your results show up quickly. If you don’t want to have a website, you can directly link your referral links instead which is explained below. Sign up for 10 forums that you know of. Add your 2 signatures to the forums with your Inbox Dollars link and your CashBurners link. Make sure you have a worthwhile title that will pull people to get curious about your affiliate programs. Every day, go around and discuss topics with the other forum members. You are talking about things you enjoy or want to learn more about, and basically getting free exposure for this. Many people will visit your website by clicking your signature. Try to post at least 100 times per day in different forums, so that way you will get many visitors and in return, website signups. You will be earning at least $1-$5 per signup!

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