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How to Treat Under Arm Smell Naturally

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Written by pep1   

Number one thing you can use instead of deodorant is baking soda, I remember my mom telling me about this years back and every time I ran out of regular deodorant I used this.

It works very well, matter of fact a lot of deodorants use it as an active ingredient in their deodorant products. 

You can also use lime treat under arm hair. It will help to naturally neutralize under arm smell if used consistently. But make sure that your underarm is completely dry before you put on clothes after doing this.

note: Must let lime juice soak into arm pits 

You can also use vinegar to help rid the smell of underarm smell. You basically use it in the same way you used the lime juice in step 2.

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tatsu said:

b soda does help so much with smells nice artlie 5/5
November 16, 2009
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