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How to decorate your bulletin Board for Thanksgiving

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Written by Bill Hanks   

This is a great project for any office or school classroom.  You can even get others to participate in decorating.  This article explains how to decorate your bulletin board for Thanksgiving.

Step One.  Gather your materials.  You will need scissors, black magic marker, stapler and colored construction paper.(note if you have plain burlap, use it as a back round for this project.)

Step Two.  Cut out a large brown circle for a turkey body.  Place it in the lower one third to middle of your board with staples.

Step Three.  Cut out a narrow strip about one inch wide for the neck.  Staple it in place.

Step Four.  Cut out a small circle for the turkey head.  Make it brown as well. Now add a beak and beard out of red paper.  Use the marker to make the eyes.

Step Five.  Cut out two legs using orange paper and staple them in place.

Now the Fun Begins

Step Six.  Cut out a feather for each student or employee.  Use the colors of the Fall season red, yellow, gold, maroon, or light brown.  Have them write their name on the feather.

Step Seven.   Staple the feathers into place.  Be sure to fan them out.

This gets everyone involved in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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