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How to Make Money Shoveling Snow; For Teens

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Teens can pick up some much needed cash by shoveling snow.  Yes it can be hard labor.  However, if you have a partner, you can make some pretty good money doing this type of work.  This article will explain some ideas on how to set up some jobs before the snow arrives.

Start Early;  Line up your jobs now and write them down some place with your partner.  Write down phone numbers and addresses.

Purchase a good Shovel;  You need the right tool for the job.  Steel shovels, although heavier, can handle ice as well as snow.

Clients;  Older citizens won't pay as much, but they are guaranteed business.  Check with stores with walks in the front.  Post Offices, Doctors Clinics, Police Departments, Barbershops, Insurance Companies and any place that needs help.

Business Cards;  Print up some business cards and hand them out to your clients.  Make sure you have your phone number on it.  Let them know though that regular clients come first.  This always worked for me.  People would pay extra to get to the top of the list.

Texting Communication;  If people know how to text you, use it to your advantage.

Be fair with your billing;  Older folks, with small areas, charge less.  Big stores charge more.

Be on time;  Keep an idea on the weather reports, when you communicate.  Stores need it done continuously.  However, homeowners prefer to wait until the snow stops falling.  If you are in school, be sure your clients know this.  They will wait, if they know this. 

Be Dependable and go the extra mile;  Doing a good job, could lead to more jobs from others.  Seniors will spread the word and brag about your good work.  They always do.

Shoveling snow is a fast and easy way to make some large amounts of cash in a short time.  However, you can't be lazy.  You have to get after it.  I always referred to it as shoveling for cash.  Remember to dress for the environment.

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