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How to set up a Vendor Booth for a Festival or Show

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typical vendorThis article will instruct you in setting up a vendor booth. These will be general suggestions that should work for everyone at most events.

Things you will need:

Schedule Tables Chairs Canopy (for rainy or really hot weather) Cash box with $20 or more for making change inventory (something to sell) Price tags Notebook

Step 1.

Research. Constantly look for festivals, shows, and other events appropriate to what you are selling. Make a schedule of the events. List when the event will happen, where the event will be, and how much it will cost. Add new events as you find them. Decide how far you want to travel to get to the event. If the event is several days long, decide where you will stay. Do they allow camping? How much will a motel cost? Can you make a profit after expenses?

Step 2.

Once you find an event, go there. Check it out. Talk to the person in charge. Ask any questions you have now, such as, "How large will my space be?" Find out as much as you can. How many vendors? How many people attend the event? Any rules that you need to know about. What can you sell? Talk to other vendors. Visit there space. Check their prices. This will give you a general range for what you have to sell. See how they set up. If you like what you see, book a space.

Step 3.

Prepare for the event. Start early. You want people to think you know what you are doing. You can start your sale with stuff from around the house. De-clutter. You'd be surprised what you forgot you had. Find a niche. I sharpen knives. That's my niche. I expanded to also selling knives. I attend a lot of motorcycle events, so I started expanding my inventory geared for those events. These items also sell well at swap meets and flea markets. So now, I've expanded.

Step 4.

Buy or build tables to hold as much inventory as possible. Some items will have to sit on the ground. Furniture, tall lamps, heavy items, etc. Buy a canopy. Some items shouldn't be in direct sunlight, extreme heat, or shouldn't get wet. You don't want to have to either. It also presents your booth better. People can see a canopy from a long way off. Put up signs around your booth for items that you want to feature. This will get people to your booth. Then it's all up to you.
Set your prices above what you really must have. this gives you a chance to come down on price. If someone really likes an item, they'll like it better if they can get a deal.

Step 5.

On the day of the event, arrive early. Pack up everything that you can on the day before. Pack the last thing out first, and the first thing out last. Set up your canopy. Set up your tables. choose a location to sit so you can see everything that you are selling. Have a safe place to keep your cash box. I like to take a helper. One can collect the cash. The other can mingle with the customers, and watch the merchandise.

Step 6.

At the end of the day, don't rush to pack up. a lot of people show up at the end to haggle for a bargain. Don't sell below your minimum unless you just don't want to have to take it home. Whatever you don't sell today,may sell later, and you still have inventory.

Tips & Warnings

Reinvest your money into more product if you choose to set up regularly. Expand your inventory as much as you can handle. If you follow the above instructions, you have a good chance of making money. Be friendly and courteous May sure you leave your space clean. Pick up everything. The promoters will be happy to have you come again. Ask when the next event will be, or if there are any other events coming up nearby. Make as many contacts as you can. they might sell you inventory at a bargain or let you know about other events that do well. Take photos of your booth. If your setup works, this will give you a guide to set it up again. WARNING! Stay out of direct sun on really hot days. Stay hydrated. A busy day in the heat can exhaust you

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