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How To Make Halloween A Safe And Fun Occasion For The Adults

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Written by Sandi M Lewanika   

Children are not the only ones who get caught up in all the excitement of Halloween, grown ups most definitely get caught up in all the excitement themselves too, at times even a little too much more than the kids! As a matter of fact, adult Halloween parties are quite often much wilder than the kid’s party because of alcohol use. However, grown ups can still have a fun, happy, safe and trouble free Halloween by simply following a few safety tips.

1. If you are attending a party and plan on drinking any alcoholic beverages, drink smart, know your limit, save yourself the embarrassment and don't go overboard with the alcohol. Make sure you have a designated drive that is completely sober through out the entire party.

2. If you are hosting a Halloween party, keep a close eye on every one of your guests; take the keys away from any person that appears intoxicated. Don’t under any circumstance allow any of your guests to get behind the wheel while drunk.

3. When organizing your party and deciding on a menu, put into consideration anyone attending your party that has food allergies that might cause a problem and have you dialing 911. Common food allergies to peanuts, dairy products, eggs, and shell fish can be life threatening and should be taken very seriously.

4. Make sure that your home is well organized, safe and ready for trick-or-treaters by clearing your porches, lawns, sidewalks and placing all jack-o-lanterns as far away as possible from doorways, landings, curtains and any other flammable objects

5. Do not leave any lighted pumpkins unattended if there will be any children around. All it takes is one little mistake to start a fire, and the whole occasion could turn tragic within the blink of an eye.

6. Avoid giving the younger trick or treaters choking hazards such as gum, small hard candies, or small toys, and if giving out any treats with peanuts in them be sure to let the kids know so that you can avoid any potential allergic reactions.

7. Be certain to inspect all your kids treats for safety before allowing them to eat any of the goodies.

8. If you have any older children that’ll be attending any Halloween functions make sure you get all the critical details about where the festival will be held, how many people will be attending, who will be attending the festival, what time the festival will be ending and whether or not there will be any adult supervision. Also be sure to set a curfew for them.

9. Take all the necessary safety measures to ensure the well being of pedestrian trick-or-treaters by driving slowly, and exiting driveways and alleyways very carefully. Constantly be on the look out for kids in the street and on the side walks.

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lighthouse1958 said:

Your steps were wonderful. Great advice, will have to remember some of these. thanks. 5*
October 26, 2009
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