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How To Make Halloween A Safe Occasion For Your Children

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Written by Sandi M Lewanika   

Halloween is a very enjoyable time filled with tons of excitement. But bear in mind that the safety of your children must come first, at all costs.

1. If you have no intention of accompanying your children or having any adult supervision with them while they are out trick or treating it’s very important that you know and plan a safe route for your children to take.

2. If your children will be attending any Halloween activities, such as friends or family Halloween functions, school, mall or any other public Halloween functions. Make sure you get all the critical details about the function in advance and make sure that there’ll be some type of adult supervision at the party at all times.

3. Make sure that your kid’s Halloween costumes are safe enough for them to wear. Keep in mind that your children are most likely to be exposed to candles so it’s better to play it safe by picking fire proof costumes than to be sorry later.

4. Make sure your children have a nice filling Halloween dinner before going out trick or treating, that way your kids are less likely to be tempted to eat up the candy that they collect before you get a chance to check it and be certain it’s okay for them.

5. If you decide that you or any other mature adult are not going with your children trick or treating be certain that your children are old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves. Also be certain that they go out before it gets too dark outside.

6. If you’re not accompanying your children when they go trick or treating be certain that your children are equipped with all the necessary emergency telephone numbers. If they have cell phones have those numbers saved on speed dial for easy access. If they don’t have cell phones then be certain that they carry enough coins for them to be able to make emergency phone calls from a public phone.

7. Always make sure that you kid’s Halloween costumes are bright enough, reflective enough, and easy for any one to spot them in the dark, from a distance.

8. If your kid’s are going to wear any type of masks with their costumes make sure that they’re the right size and that they fit properly in order to avoid scrapes and scratches to their faces. Also make sure that their eyes, nose and mouth holes are large enough for them to see clearly, breathe properly, and be heard if it’s necessary for them to call out for help.

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Viktoria said:

Great tips for having a safe Halloween.
October 28, 2009
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