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How to DIY; Beauty: Whipped Amber Kokum Body Butter

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Written by Candice Collins   

make natural home spa Whipped Amber Kokum Body Butter

How to make a natural home spa Whipped Amber Kokum Body Butter.

I've seen this product go for as much as $20 for 3 ounces. It's much cheaper to make it yourself!

Do you love making your own natural home spa goodies?
Try this recipe once, and you'll be hooked, (as well as your friends :)

If you don't much like making your own, email me and we can pool our resources, to purchase bulk ingredients and I'll be happy to make it for you :)

My Whipped Body Butters are light and fluffy (more like whipped cream) hydration bombs that penetrate deeply into the skin delivering advanced moisture to overly dry and cracked skin. So smooth its like applying cake frosting to the skin.

Perfect for elbows, heels and winterized skin. Its also great in very small quantities smoothed into just-out-of-shower damp skin. You won't believe how great your skin feels all day and how easy it is to put it all together quite simply with a little planning.

Best used after a Luxurious Sugar Polish crammed with organic ingredients, vitamins and nutrients.

Things You'll Need: Kokum Butter 1/2 cup, Organic Shea Butter 1/2 cup, Avocado Oil 1 tbls., Organic Jojoba Oil, 2 tbls., Amber Resin, pinch, Meadowfoam Seed Oil 1 tbls., East Indian Dark Aged Patchouli Essential Oil 3 drops, Pure Amber Essence oil, 8 drops, Vitamin E - 2 gel tabs, stick blender or hand blender, large Pyrex, pot of boiling water, bowl of ice, sterilized containers, labels

Step 1

Make sure you purchase your ingredients from reputable sources. (at the end of this article I'll post some of the best suppliers I've found for these ingredients).

The basic recipe amounts are quite simple and can be used if you're making a lot or just a little bit.
I use a ratio of butters to soft oils (4:1).

For instance;
(1) One cup of butter (kokum and shea)
to 1/4 cup soft oil (avocado, jojoba, meadowfoam seed, etc.)
you are welcome to use more soft oils if you like a richer butter.
then a bit of cornstarch (about a TBL. per cup of butter).
the rest is just fragrancing and preserving (amber and vit. E).
Never use more than 1/2 of your soft oil amount for fragrancing (1/8 cup max. for 1 cup butters)
it's always better with a little less because its much easier to add then to subtract!

Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Amber Resin, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, East Indian Dark Aged Patchouli Essential Oil, and Pure Amber Essence oil, Vitamin E are my favorites to use. :)

Step 2

Melt your Kokum & Shea butters in a large Pyrex set in a boiling pot of water. This will alleviate many problems of grainy shea butter. You may also shorten this process if you so choose by using a low power microwave setting for 20 second bursts to slowly melt so the shea will not get grainy. If it does seem grainy, just put in the freezer to reset and then remelt. After they are all melted, stir in your soft oils; Avocado oil, jojoba oil and meadowfoam seed oil.

Step 3

Then stir in your Amber Resin until its completely melted, add East Indian Dark Aged Patchouli Essential Oil, and Pure Amber Essence oil, and add a couple Vitamin E gel tabs or 1/8 tsp.of Vit E. Mixed Tecopherols.

Step 4

After all of your ingredients are blended together in the Pyrex, place it in a bowl of ice and use your blender to whip the daylights out of it. I like to use my stick blender and switch from the disc blender to the whip. REally does a nice job and doesn't usually take more than 10-20 min (after 5 min. breaks to let blender cool). Once you have the consistancy you prefer you only have to put it into your sterilized containers and label. I also like to keep mine in the fridge to prolong shelf life.
This should be use within a few months.

Tips & Warnings Purchase your Amber Resin, East Indian Dark Aged Patchouli Essential Oil, and Pure Amber Essence oil at; http://www.edenbotanicals.com/index.html. Eden Botanicals has the best amber resin I've ever found and reasonable prices too. amber essences link ; http://www.edenbotanicals.com/crystallized.html#amber

Resources Eden Botanicals Amber Yellowstar*Essentials organic bath & body

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ashlee84 said:

I like the kinds that are light, I really do not like putting other kinds on and then you feel like you just gained 20 lbs. :)
May 12, 2010
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