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How to Make Untraceable Calls

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Written by Cassandra Parodi   

Privacy is important to everyone, but how much privacy do we really have? With the growth and advancement in technology today it makes it much easier for anyone to get into and collect your private information. It has become rather difficult to maintain any form of privacy in today's day and age. There is a way that you or anyone else can mask a telephone number and make it untraceable. This can be done from any cell phone or land line that is in working order.

Masking telephone numbers. Caller ID means that the person you are calling can see your phone number before they pick up the phone. However there is no sure-fire way to make an untraceable call. Instead you can mask your telephone number to make it unidentifiable from the person you are calling. You can dial *67 before dialing, but they can still find out who you are thanks to technology. There is another way to mask your number from caller ID, it is called Spoofing.

Using a caller ID spoofing service. Look into Spoof Cards, you can find the information by doing a Google search. Spoofing is a service that provides calling cards sort of speak that lets you make anonymous untraceable calls. This service is in demand because it provides a questionable legal way to secure your privacy. This sort of thing is used mainly by law enforcement and telemarketing. This service can be used by anyone with any kind of telephone. Instead of showing your number on the person's caller ID it will display a number of your choice.

Soft-Phones. A soft-phone is used when you place your calls through the Internet. When making a call using your computer, along with the software from your soft-phone you connect through a proxy server which ensures your privacy. Your calls can only be traced back to you through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a subpoena; they are bound by law to release your IP address.

Use a payphone or a pre-paid cell phone. You can have some kind of anonymity when you use a public payphone, the chances of the call being traced back to you are highly unlikely. However most payphone are now under camera surveillance. As for using pre-paid cell phones which can be disposed of after making a few calls.

Tips and Tricks. When purchasing a Spoof Card online make sure you use a Credit Card that is pre-paid to ensure it cannot be traced back to you. To take some extra percaution if you can do not do this from your personal computer, remember that ISP addresses can still be trasted back to you.

Although this is not illegal to do this however be careful not to cross that line. Be sure that you are not making threatening phone call, they are against the law. Do not use any of these methods to stalk or harass a person, it is also against the law and both are considered very serious crimes!

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Very informative Thanks!
October 23, 2009
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Great info to keep private!
June 09, 2011
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