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How to get a Garage Sale Ready

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Getting ready for a garage sale can be very stressful. Being organized will make getting ready for a garage sale less stressful. Collecting everything unwanted in the house and putting it in a large pile in the garage can be very over whelming. Using these steps will help to make getting ready for a garage sale less stressful and organizing a snap.

Clean the garage. Having the garage cleaned first will help to make your sale more inviting to customers. Sweep the garage floor. Clean any cob webs in the corners, windows, or ceiling.

Set up tables in the garage. Put the table in front of items you don't wish to sell. This will help prevent customers from helping themselves to items not up for sale.

If you don't have enough tables to block off the items not for sale in the garage, you can use rope, tarps, sheets, or blankets to keep out customers. If you have expensive items stored in your garage try to completely cover the item to prevent unwanted attention or temporary relocated the item.

Clean out the rooms of your house and take out items you no longer want and wish to sell. Place a price tag as you find each item and place the item on the table in the garage.

Try to keep like items together. This will help the customers to find products they are interested in.

For clothes organize the clothes by type and size. Place the size of the clothes on the label with the price. Keeping your clothes well organized will increase the sale of the clothes.

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