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How to Enjoy Living In The Country - Like Louisiana

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Written by susieq450   

living in the country I was born in Chicago, raised here half the time and half the time down south in Louisiana. Are you the type of person who likes the city type life or the laid back country living? That is definitely quite a difference in lifestyles.

You need to be ready for a slower laid back way of life in the south. There is something very special about country living and my heart has always remained in Louisiana by my grandmother’s home, in a darling little town called Mansura, even though most of my adult life has been spent up here. Be prepared to take your time in everything you do. There is no rushing anywhere to do anything unless you want to go to one of their big cities like Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

Enjoy the great outdoors, the beautiful scenery and the beautiful nature. I was always a big bird watcher and I can’t begin to tell you how plentiful the beautiful red cardinals and blue jays are. Those are the birds you see everywhere there like we see sparrows, black birds and pigeons over here. They are so beautiful so be sure to take lots of pictures.

I used to love to sit on the front porch on the swing as a child (every home seems to have a front porch swing) and I would write poetry about all the nature I witnessed. I also love hummingbirds that are also very cute. I actually see some around my home now and do all I can each summer to get them to return here every year. I guess they have a sentimental value for me.

Besides the nature down south, be sure to try all the special foods. When I was a child I remember going crawfish fishing. You just throw the line in the water with bait on it and when they grab the bait, pull them out. What’s really fun is cleaning these tiny little guys, peeling them, as you only eat the tiny little tail.

Can you just imagine how many crawfish you have to catch for just a pan full of tails? You would need a lot. All the food down there is fresh, fresh from the pig, fresh from the cow; eggs right from the chicken and of course, the veggies from the garden. I sure do miss all the down home cooking. I do still make gumbo at home which will be in a future article. My heart has and always will be a country girl.

Mingle with country folks as they are such warm and caring people. There is nothing like southern hospitality, and that is really true. I have never met people that are always so helpful, friendly, and seem to want to give you the shirt off their backs. Everyone seems to care about everyone else and in small towns it seems like everyone knows what is happening with all the residents (and visitors) lives. Now that’s what they call a neighborhood watch system! These people definitely know how to make you feel welcome and at home at all times.

Where I grew up, there were only 100 children in the whole grade school, 2 grades per room. The town with the post office, little country store and a couple of other small businesses were about a block long. If you like to drink and have a good time, there are always at least a couple of bars and a little dancing in each little town but there isn’t much other excitement. Yet these folks enjoy their lives. I am sure with new technology these days, things have changed a little but certainly cannot compare to our current way of city living.

The music is another great aspect. To this day I absolutely love country music and listen to it all the time. There is just something so meaningful in the words of the country songs, relating to real daily life. Most of these songs come from the heart.

Plan a trip to the country and feel the warmth and sincerity of the people and atmosphere. A car trip does take some time but is well worth it. There is so much beautiful country to travel where here in the USA and you’ve just got to love it. 

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