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How to Clear Up Bad Acne

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Written by Teresa Farmer   

Bad acne is caused by overactive oil glands. Acne can cause people to have a very low self-esteem of their self. They will shy away from everyone they see and hide away from the world. This can make a person feel worthless when in fact they are just the opposite. People of all ages can get acne.

Stress and a lot of sun exposure can also cause acne. My daughter has bad breakouts when she uses different cosmetics. There are different ingredients in some of them that some people are allergic too. The lesser makeup that is used the better it is for the complexion.

The doctors will say do not pop these pimples, they will go away on their own but who can do this. I would not want to leave them alone on my face and do nothing. Pop the ones that have yellow pus. I do know that popping these will make it heal quicker. It will be red at first but I would rather it be red than it on my face. Remember popping a blackhead could leave scars so be very careful if you do this. A pimple is inflammation a white head is not.

1. The first thing I would do if I had bad acne is find a very good dermatologist. He can find the right treatment you need. He may have to try out several medications before finding just the right one. If you buy something over the counter do not mix any medication together. Stop one completely before trying out another one. This could really cause a bad reaction plus you could be allergic to some of the ingredients in certain ones. Always talk to your dermatologist before trying anything else out. He needs to know all the things you are taking. Always ask about the side effects of any medication.

2. Use soapy clean water to clean your face every night. If you are at home several times a day would be a good thing to do also. Scrubbing your face hurts your complexion. You can wash without doing this. Make sure the soap has no perfumes in it. The pharmacy should also recommend a good soap to use.

3. There are certain vitamins that seem to help with acne. Beta-carotene is a form of vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin E, C, and B-complex vitamins. But ask your doctor about these first, you don’t want to do something that your doctor doesn’t know about. He could have another suggestion instead.

4. Steam baths opens and drains the pores helps acne also. Do this several times a week to see if it helps clear up your acne.

Tips: Check stores where they sell certain bath items for problems. Tea tree oil lotion and soap are sold at these stores, it helps with breakouts. Try your local health store also.Eat healthy food such as lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating the right foods make a person healthier on the inside and out.

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farmerdw02 said:

How to Clear Up Bad Acne
Acne can really mess up your face if it gets out of hand.
Very helpful tips on clearing up acne.
November 19, 2009
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