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How to Keep People Off Your Wireless Internet

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Written by Don Hendrix   

Are you experiencing people logging on to your wireless internet or router? If you do, I have the solution.

Have youĀ ever noticed that if you have wireless internet someone can log on to your CPU at anytime?

I am going to show you the steps to keep people off your wireless internet wifi router and your wireless internet when you log on. There are just some people that are out that are just plain nosy and they need to be stopped. This really happens.

Things You'll Need: Some determination to repair your CPU and aĀ working CPU

Step 1

First thing that you do is turn on your laptop. Let it load up and be a able to follow these simple instructions.

Step 2

Take the pointer of your mouse and click the start button at the bottom of the CPU screen.

Step 3

Then you go to control panel, then you go to settings. After that you go to security. Then you click on general and you can see if your firewall is on. Your firewall is what keeps people from getting on your CPU.

This actually works I recommend this if you are someone that stays in an apartment complex.

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