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How to rescue limp or wilted carrots

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Written by Sheryl Wiesner   

We've all done it...

Gone into the refrigerator for a carrot or some other vegetable to use as part of our dinner preparations or planning for our family and found that the entire bag has gone limp!

Well don't throw those limp ugly carrots away! I have a way that you can rejuvenate those limp carrots and get them back to looking like fresh picked carrots in no time!

How, do you say?

Read on this article is for you!


Things You'll Need:

β€’ limp carrots or other limp vegetable

β€’ some sort of food storage container like ziploc storage bags or tupperware

Cut the ends off of your carrots and peel them if you plan to use them tonight for dinner.

If you are planning on using them for tomorrow or at a later date just cut off the tops and bottoms.

Place those limp carrots into a gallon sized ziploc baggy.

If your wilted carrots are too long to fit into your ziploc storage bag you can cut them shorter or place them inside a tupperware type storage tub.

Place enough ice cold water into the baggie or storage container to cover your wilted carrots.

Place storage container into the refrigerator.

In most cases the carrots or other vegetables will firm up within a couple of hours and be ready to use.

Tips & Warnings

β€’ This tip works for other wilted vegetables as well

β€’ Never use any vegetable that has mold on it, those should be discarded in your green trash or compost bin.

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