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How to make inexpensive no sew Curtains

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Written by Susan   

No Sew Curtains


Do you find the price of curtains completely out of your budget? New curtains are the best way to add new life to your existing decor. This is a quick, simple, and inexpensive no sew solution to the high price of store bought curtains. You really can make your own inexpensive curtains in less than 20 minutes for little more than the cost of a 2 top sheets!

Things You'll Need:

2 Top sheets - pick colors that will compliment your existing decor, 1 Hot glue gun, Several hot glue sticks, your existing curtain rod

Step 1:

First you will need to have a large clear work area to spread your top sheet out on. Make sure you have the plenty of room to move around your sheet after it is spread out, I used the living room floor. You will also need to make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in and accessible to your work area.

Step 2:

Next you will need to lay your first sheet out flat. Make sure you have the nice finished edge to the bottom. This will be visible on the top when you are done.

Step 3:

Starting at the top of your sheet, the decorative edge, fold down to your desired amount. You will use part of this area to make your pocket for the rod and the remaining will be a decorative hanging at the top of your curtain. The length is completely up to you. I folded mine down about 18 inches. As long as its even all the way across the actual length does not matter on this step.

Step 4:

Now you will need to take that same section and fold it back up leaving an area for your curtain rod. This should be about two time the size of your curtain rod. I left a 2 inch area for mine. Make sure you use the same spacing on the other side to have a straight seam.
The trick to make this easier is to place your index finger on the first fold and your thumb about 2 inches down from that along the side pinching the two layers of material together. Now you can simply fold the material back up using your thumb as a reference for your fold line.

Step 5:

Finally you will need to run a bead of hot glue where the second fold (it should be the only fold visible from the top). This will seam the two pieces together creating the pocket for your curtain rod. Make sure you press the material firmly together so the glue will adhere better.

Step 6:

Now you should be able to hang your curtain. Simply insert your curtain rod into the pocket you created with your hot glue. Your extra material should hang toward away from your window.

Step 7:

Now you will need to complete the steps again with your second sheet. This time you will need to use the same lengths for your folds as you did on your original sheet.

Tips & Warnings: You can pick sheets that are sized similar to your windows. If you covering one small window maybe a couple of twin sheets will work great however for a big window you will probably want full or queen sheets. If the sheets are too long you can always cut them along the bottom seam, this is a less visible seam and most usually won't take away from the look of the curtains. Be very careful when using hot glue and hot glue guns as they can get very hot!

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