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How to prepare for Prison or Jail Time

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Written by Bill Hanks   

For a small percentage of the population, some will have to do prison or jail time. It could be for something you intentionally did or did unintentionally. If you broke the law, you do the time. This article explains, how to survive for the period you have behind bars.

First. Fight the guilt. A person in good conscious will feel very guilty. Depending on their crime, their life will never be the same. This could be the hardest hill to climb for anybody. Forgiving yourself can be a daunting task. However, to survive, you have to get past the guilt.

Second. Secure whatever accounts that you can. The courts might do some of this for you. However, if you can secure some for future use, you have got to do it. Sometime, you will be released. You could have a tough time finding a job or position to make money.

Third. Change your mindset. Once the door closes behind you, you go into a mindset of survival. Your goal is to "come out like you went in." All in one piece and a live.

The powers that be will approach you wanting to know why you are there. Do not lie. Let them come to you. You don't go to them. Don't try to be friends with anyone, including the guards. All of these will look for power over you. To get respect, you must show respect.

Hang out only with your own race. You eat with them, shower with them, communicate with them, use only your own race's telephone. If a fight breaks out, join your group. If you try to avoid trouble or don't stick up for one of your own, you have nobody.

Fourth. Get a physical exam before you go in. Make sure you know what medications that you will need. You can pass this information on to the prison staff.

Fifth. Don't cause problems. Your goal is to build respect at all levels. If you cause problems, you can lose privileges, visits and go to a worst cell.

Sixth. Get a job. Most prisons will offer a job that will pay less than $200 a month. A job will help pass time as well.

Seventh. Take advantage of any opportunities like reading, classes etc.

Eighth. Let your pastor know where you are. Ask for him to visit, from time to time. You will need all the moral support that you can get.

Nobody wants to go to prison or jail. Once you pay your debt to society, you can start rebuilding your life. Regardless of your time, once you serve it, your debt is paid. You are a human being and should begin your life anew.

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