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How to Make Horse Costumes for Children

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Have you been asked to plan a Western-themed party? Have your children asked for Halloween costumes? Are you just “horsing” around? Whether your child wants to dress up as a horse for Halloween or you are organizing a neighborhood hoe-down, making horse costumes for children can be a fun and inexpensive activity that can be completed in a short amount of time with just a few supplies from your local craft store.

Supplies needed to make a horse costume for children:

Brown plastic headband

Brown felt

Black felt

Fabric glue


Two skeins of black yarn

Velcro with self-adhesive tape attached to it

Black electrical tape

Brown sweat pants and sweat shirt

Safety pins

To make the horse costume for children:

Step #1

Cut out two horse-shaped ears from the brown felt and cut out two smaller ear shapes from the black felt.

Step #2

Glue the black felt to the inside of the brown felt ears. Let the ears dry.

Step #3

Glue the ears to the headband, leaving enough space for the mane.

Step #4

Unwrap the skein of yarn and cut a handful about 3 inches long for the top of the horse’s mane. Attach to the headband with black electrical tape and place in between the ears.

Step #5

Take the remaining yarn and attach it to the underside of the headband with the electrical tape. Then cut the yarn on a diagonal so that it looks like a horse’s mane.

Step #6

Cut out four pieces of black felt, four inches wide and long enough to fit around the child’s wrists and ankles.

Step #7

Dress the child in the sweat pants and sweat shirt.

Step #8

Put the four pieces of black felt around the child’s wrists and ankles, securing with safety pins so that the felt looks like hooves.

Step #9

Cut the desired length of black yarn for a tail. Wrap electrical tape around one end of the yarn and attach to the back of the sweat pants with a safety pin.


Doubling the brown felt ear cutouts will help to make the ears a little sturdier.

You can use brown and black face paint to make the horse look even more authentic. Cover the child’s face with brown face paint and use black face paint for the nose.

To add a little more dimension to the horse’s main, you can add some brown yarn to the black yarn.

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