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How to Make a Female Night Elf World of Warcraft Costume

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Written by Viktoria   

If you are a huge World of Warcraft fan, you’ll probably want to dress up like one of the characters for Halloween or for your next party with your on-line gaming friends. The mysterious and shadowy Night Elf Druid character is a great choice because of the character’s versatility. Since they like to come out at night, the Night Elf Druid is a logical choice for a World of Warcraft party costume. There are countless ways to make a Night Elf Druid costume. The steps that follow are for a female Night Elf from World of Warcraft.

Supplies needed to make a Night Elf Druid costume:

Purple bathing suit bikini top, preferably with silver trim

Long, flowing teal green skirt

Shorter skit of satin material that can be cut

Black wig

Ready-made elf ears

Two small, disposable shallow bowls

Purple spray paint

Silver glitter glue

Purple feathers

Electrical tape

Fabric glue

Long, purple satin gloves


White and purple face paint

To make the Night Elf Druid costume:

Step #1

Spray paint the two bowls upside down for the shoulder part of the costume. When the paint dries, use the silver glitter glue to draw designs on the tops of the bowls.

Step #2

Tape some feathers to the underside of each of the bowls, leaving some length free so that the end of the feather can be tucked under the bikini straps.

Step #3

Take the short skirt and cut it in various lengths.

Step #4

Cut the fingers out of the gloves.

Step #5

Cover the face with the white face paint and then use the purple face paint to draw designs on the face.

Step #6

Put the elf ears in place and then put on the wig.

Step #7

Put on the bikini top and tuck the feathers under the straps.

Step #8

Put on the long skirt and then put the short skirt on over it.


To add to the authenticity of the costume, you can get a long broomstick, spray paint it and glue a large, plastic gem to the top of the stick. This will look like the Night Elf's staff.

Adding some artificial leaves or ferns to the costume will also make this costume more authentic.

To purchase Night Elf Druid ears and make up kit at AnniesCostumeWorld.com

Image Credit: Me of course! That is my lvl 67 Night Elf Druid Tateana.

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Magdalena2113 said:

The ears/make-up kit you can actually get a couple of dollars cheaper on buycostumes. / com. Do you have pictures of the finished product? I'm wanting to make a costume for Halloween this year if I can.
March 22, 2010
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