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How to decorate your classroom bulletin board for the Fall

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Classroom teachers are starting back to school. Many of their classrooms have naked are unused bulletin boards. This article will give some good suggestions, for decorating those bulletin boards, with an accent for the Fall season.

Teachers are very resourceful and come up with outstanding ideas. This article only offers a few ideas.

Backdrop; An old burlap feed bag makes for a great backdrop on your bulletin board. You can either hide the advertisement or let it show. Since harvest time is accented in the Fall, showing seed or grain logs is a great idea. Cut it to specifications and then simply staple it into place.

Ears of Corn; Ask a farmer for two or four ears of corn with shucks still on them. If you can get Indian corn that will look even better. Wire them into the corners of the board. You want the shucks pointing up on top and down on the bottom. This way you won't be covering up items on your board.

Acorns; You can get these and hot glue them to the wooden bulletin board border. Put these on the sides between the corn shucks.

Leaves; You can place the leaves on the border of the board, at the top and bottom. You can use Scotch tape hidden on the back side of the leaves or use glue, too.

Glue; When you use glue, try to put too much on. Sometime you will have to remove it from the bulletin board. You can expect it to chip off the paint that covers the border.

Center; In the center of your board, you can place important memos, schedules, or educational items. You can place these on gold, orange, or maroon colored paper.

Decorating your bulletin board will add a colorful Fall accent to your classroom.

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