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How to Watch Disney Movies Online

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Written by Oktober Stephens   

My daughter and I started watching Disney movies online, because I wanted to see which one she would like for her age. Plus with Disney having limited release on all the movies, this is a great way to watch every now and then.

Things You'll Need:

* Computer
* Internet
* You Tube account

Step 1

If you have a You Tube account, sign in and do a search. The best way to find a movie is to type in one like this "Beauty and the Beast part 1". This is the easiest way to find the movie.

Step 2

When you find the movie, make sure you watch each part form the same user. It's a lot easier to watch movies on here this way. Most of the time they are in order, but not always.

Step 3

Subscribe to the user so that when you want to watch it again, you can find it. Also don't forget to tell them thank for putting the movie up so. Enjoy these cherished classics till they come back out!

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roseanne09 said:

I love Disney movies. Thanks for the helpful information. 5*
August 28, 2009
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