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How to Identify and Date a Case Knife

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This article will teach you how to identify and date a case xx brand knife.

Step 1 Case knife

IDENTIFY - first, how to identify a case knife - case brand knives always have the case name on the tang stamp of the blade. the tang stamp is the stamp on the base of the blade that has the maker's name on it. if the tang stamp doesn't say case on it, it most likely isn't. the attached image is an example of a case knife with the case name stamped on the blade and handle shield on the knife.

Step 2 Case tang stamps

DATING - the next process is to know how to date your case knife. this means to know when it was made. case used different tang stamps throughout different periods and you can use these tang stamps to date your case knife. the attached image shows you examples of the tang stamps and tells you when they were used.

Step 3

EXPLAINING THE DOT SYSTEM - beginning in 1970, case began using the dot system as a way of dating their knives. the dot system works like this:

beginning in 1970 and with the start of each new decade since then, 10 dots were stamped on the tang stamp and with each following year, a dot was removed from the stamp. for example, a 1970 knife would have 10 dots and a 1971 would have 9 dots, a 1972 would have 8, a 1973 would have 7 and so on. it can be a little confusing at first, but after you have studied it a while, it becomes quite easy to remember.

Step 4

VALUE - knife collecting has been around for a long time and is getting more and more popular. it's hard to say what a knife' s real value is. there are a lot of factors such as who owned it, a deceased family member or friend, etc,. there are a lot of knife collecting books out there for case and other brand knives that will try and give you an idea of what a knife' s value is. most of the time though, the book values are inflated and not realistic of what you can actually get in the real world. the best way to determine value is to research the knife and see what you actually have first.

Then determine when it was made and go to some antique shops or knife clubs, or do some research online, like doing a search on eBay for completed listings and see if anyone else has sold a knife like it and what it sold for. these are just a few of the ways to find the monetary value but who knows what the sentimental value is?

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