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How to dress like a Mad Doctor for Halloween

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Can't think of what to wear for Halloween 2010? Don't want to invest in an expensive costume? Then why not dress like a Mad Doctor? This article will explain how you can dress up like a Mad Doctor and not spend so much money.

You will need an old white lab jacket, paint brush, rubber gloves, surgical mask, red paint, stethoscope hacksaw and thick lens glasses.

1. Place your lab coat over an old chair outside. Take some red paint and apply it strategically to the sleeves and sides of the lab coat. Don't over do it, but make sure the red paint is visible.

2. Sit your surgical mask on some newspaper. Take your paint brush and let some paint drops drop onto the outside of the surgical mask. Let it dry.

3. Take your rubber gloves and dip the fingers of the gloves into the paint can. Hold the gloves over the can, until the paint stops dripping. Then hang them to a clothesline to dry.

4. Take your old rusty hacksaw and paint some bright red paint on to the tooth side of the hacksaw blade. Let it dry.

5. Put just a little paint on your stethoscope.

You are now ready to get dressed for your Halloween activities. Put on the lab coat. Place the stethoscope in one of the side pockets. In the other pocket, place the rubber gloves, with the fingers hanging out. Put the surgical mask around your neck so that it can pulled up, if you want. Put on a pair of the thick lens glasses. Finally carry the rust hacksaw in one hand.

The Mad Doctor costume will make you the talk of your Halloween festivities.

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highcloud said:

I love Halloween!!!! This will be fun to dress up as. 5*
August 26, 2009
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