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How to Eliminate Dust And Pollen In Your Home

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

Are you having problems with breathing or allergy problems? Respiratory problems, asthma, and other breathing problems have been linked with dust and other particles in your home. Try some of the following steps to help alleviate dust and pollen particles in your home.

1. Make sure to vacuum your home once a week. Dust particles like to settle in your carpet and furniture. Make sure to vacuum all couches, recliners or chairs along with your carpet. This will likewise help eliminate dust mites.

2. If you have inside pets that must go outside to relieve themselves, make sure to bathe them once a week to help rid your home from pet dander and pollen that may be on there fir.

3. Wash all curtains and ceiling fans that may have accumulated with dust over time. Dust clings to ceiling fans and can be quite a nuisance with dust particle floating around in the air while the ceiling fan is turned on. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to obtain a dust free home. Make sure to wash all curtains, blankets, small rugs with hot soapy water. This will help kill dust mites and any unwanted bacteria.

4. Changing the air filter for your air conditioning unit is very helpful to controlling pollen and dust. Dust does collect in the heating and air conditioning unit stirring up a whole lot of trouble. You can purchase new filters at any local hardware store or supercenter.

If you continue to suffer from allergies or any other respiratory problems, consult your physician who may send you to an allergist specialist. If you are highly allergic to dust particles, you may need to have a professtional come in and professionally clean your carpets.

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