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How to Make A Meatball And Marinara Sandwich Like Subway

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

If you are like me, you love the mouthwatering taste of Subway's restaurant style meatball marinara subway sandwich. I have found a more economical and easy way to make them right in your own home. All you will need to do is purchase a few items and you are on your way to eating a to die for meatball marinara sandwhich.

1. Purchase one bag of fully cooked meatballs at your local supermarket. There is up to eighty meatballs per bag so there will be plenty for everyone. Purchase one jar of marinara sauce such as Prego brand or if you prefer the store brand to save a few more pennies. Purchase one bag of sub sandwhiches. Normally six sandwhiches come from one bag which is more than enough to feed you and your family.

2. If you have a crockpot, this is perfect to cook the meatballs and marinara sauce. If you don't then try using a cook stove instead. Open the bag of meatballs and add the desired amount to a pot. Open the jar of marinara sauce and add to the meatballs. Allow the meatballs and marinara sauce to simmer for an hour or until fully cooked. Allow the mixture to cook a few minutes.

Open the bag of sub sandwich bread and add to plates. With a soup spoon, scoop out one meatball at a time and add to the sub sandwhich bread. After dipping out the meatballs you can add cheese or whatever other dressings to your sandwich. You can also add the sub sandwich to the microwave for about thirty seconds to melt any cheese on top. Just have fun with it and enjoy!!

Warning: Do not allow any small children around kitchen appliances in use!! Contents will be hot, so handle with care!!

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