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How to Save on Your Propane Heating Bill

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Written by Donna Thacker   

Those of us that use propane gas to heat our homes generally dread having to feed that big old tank that sits in the yard. Filling the propane tank to meet your winter heating needs can run into hundreds of dollars. That is a lot harder hit than paying the natural gas company for what you use on a monthly basis. If you heat with propane, you must fill the tank and pay the bill before you get to use the gas.

Save Money on Your Propane Heating Bill

Save up enough money to fill your propane tank in the summer. This is hard to do, as it is 90 degrees outside and you don’t want to think about paying winter heating bills. You will save money on your propane because summer raters per gallon are generally cheaper. Hurry and check with your company to see how low the rates are before the fall increase hits!

Some propane companies also offer a “lock in” rate. You will have to sign a contract agreeing to purchase a certain amount. Just figure up last year’s usage to determine how much you may possibly need. This lock in rate allows you to purchase your propane gas for whatever the going rate is at the time you sign the contract.

Don’t worry, because if for some unseen reason the price goes down, you will be charged the lower amount for the propane. You will just never be charged a higher rate, should the price increase. Ask your propane dealer if they have this kind of program to help you save on your heating bill.

Supplement Your Propane Heating Bill to Save Money

Adding electric heaters to your home can help you save on your propane heating bill. Electric heaters come in many stylish designs that will accent your home décor. You can even add a small electric heater fireplace to increase the coziness. Purchase a heater for each main room that you spend a lot of time in.

Put one in your home office, your bedroom and living room. The electric flame heaters will not only warm you, they are soothing to watch as well. The flames remind you of warmth, thus helping you feel comfortable and cozy.

Once you have your heaters in place, let them do the work for you to help save your propane usage. Leave your thermostat set at about 68 degrees and run the electric heaters to keep the temperature at this comfort level. Run the heaters in whatever room you are in to keep you good and warm.

Changing your cooking stove over to electric can also help you to save on your propane bill. When using an electric stove you can keep your kitchen warm by baking your meals and desserts on the coldest days.

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ashlee84 said:

Now help me figure out how to save on the electric bill. lol
August 13, 2009
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Donna Thacker said:

Donna Thacker
Go read this article ashlee84! LOL
August 14, 2009
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J. Johnson said:

We pay on our propane over the summer in order to build up a credit balance. In the fall when we order propane, that credit is taken off of the balance owed. It really helps. These are some great tips. 5*
October 29, 2009
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