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How to Make A Jello And Fruit Cocktail Dessert

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

I love Jello and know you will like this easy to make recipe. Try asking your children to help prepare this fun and delicious dessert. You will definitely get a few smiles and a big heartfelt hug from your children.

You will need one box of Jello preferably sugar-free. You can choose any flavor of your choice such as lime, watermelon, cherry, grape or strawberry.

You will also need one can of fruit cocktail preferably sugar free. Add in some Cool Whip for the topping.

To begin making Jello and fruit cocktail dessert, open one box of Jello and add the correct amount of water noted on the back of the box to a bowl with a lid.

Stir the Jello mixture and water together until no lumps appear. Open the can of fruit cocktail and add do the mixture.

Be careful not to dump the fruit cocktail to quickly since this will cause the Jello mixture to spill out. Set the bowl of Jello and fruit cocktail covered in the refrigerator for approximately two hours or until the Jello is firm and jiggly.

Remove the bowl from the refrigerator and top with Cool Whip whipped cream making sure to cover the entire top. Now it is ready to eat and enjoy.

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