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How to Wrap Daisies
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Written by Sheryl Wiesner   

nothing is more beautiful than a field of daisies
Nothing is more beautiful than a field of daisies Nothing is more beautiful than a field of daisies and they are in demand in the horticultural businesses as they supply millions to florist shops monthly.

Daisies are not only beautiful but durable and will last in many kinds of arrangements far longer than any other flower. As such they lend themselves easily to more durable arrangements and they can be wired and taped to make them more stable and secure in arrangements as used in wedding bouquets that are thrown to the bridesmaids.

Things You'll Need:

florist wire
florist tape

Step 1
take a close look at this daisy and you see why it should be passed by
take a close look at this photo you will see a red spider mite in the outer petals of this daisyChoose fresh daisies that are free of insects and blemishes as these will last longer and look much nicer in the finished arrangement.

The daisy in the photo shows a red spider mite, these insects suck the life out of plants by biting into the tender parts of the stem and sucking out vital juices. Even though this daisy looks otherwise fine, personally I would not choose it as one I would wrap.

Step 2 this is how you insert the wire before you begin to wrap your daisy Insert wire through the flower as shown here.

Cut off the stem close to the flower.

Cut a section of your floral wire between 6 and 10 inches depending on how long you wish the stem to be, keeping in mind that you will bend this wire in half.

Bend the wire in half so that it looks something like a bobby pin and gently insert it down through the face of the flower and out the underside.

Step 3
once wire has been inserted it is time to begin to wrap the flower Wrap the daisy as shown.

Wrap the flower starting as close to the bottom of the flower as possible and then continue to wrap the wire all the way down to the end.

Step 4
you can spray paint your flowers or simply use acrylic spray as a protectant Spraying the flower with a thin coat of lacquer will preserve it's freshness and make it last a bit longer.

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