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How to Wake Up With Fresh Breath and Whiter/Stronger Teeth for Cheap

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This article will make your breath fresh, your teeth whiter, stronger, and less likely to get cavities. This is a very cheap way, that your dentist does not want to tell you, because then they don't make the $$$

It is always a good idea to floss your teeth before brushing. This will get the food from between your teeth and strengthen your gums. If flossing is difficult for you, they have floss now with handles that will help get your back teeth easily. The regular floss is usually the best, because you can use different parts of it as you go around your mouth. Now that you have the food loosened up your ready for step two!

Rinsing your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will help strengthen your teeth, fight mouth bacteria, heal canker sores, and whiten your teeth all at once. I recommend rinsing for about 30 seconds to one minute. While you are rinsing, you can get the toothbrush ready to do its work. As soon as you quit rinsing you will want to brush your teeth.

Now you are ready to beginning brushing. A lot of toothpaste is not needed, on the toothbrush. Remember to hit all parts of your teeth and brush in an up and down motion, not forgetting the back of your teeth. After 2 minutes of brushing you only have one thing left until you are left with fresh breath!

Rinse out the toothpaste with water!
This article will have your mouth feeling fresher than ever!
Please Let Me Know How It Goes For You!



- It can be bought cheap at almost any store

- You can clean your toothbrush with the hydrogen peroxide

- Help fight cavities

- Taste becomes bearable the more you do it

- Will bubble up in your mouth do not freak out

- Do not brush your teeth to hard, you can ruin your gums

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