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How to Be A Friend Like Christ

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Written by Roseanne Pratt   

Christ was truly the greatest man who ever lived. While he was on earth he set so many examples for everyone to follow. We can follow his example by being a true friend to eachother. Christ never let anyone down and was always welcomed by those who loved him.

Start today by being a true friend like Christ. Jesus always kept his word in everything he was to do. He set an example to always do what you say you will do. If you tell someone who will help them with something make sure to follow through with it. This is one way to be a true friend like Christ.

Always remember to forgive and forget each others tresspasses. Being human we all make mistakes and need to know love and true forgiveness. Jesus taught us to love and respect each other by forgiving our offenses. He loved us so much he died for our sins. What a wonderful way to show friendship.

Never lie to your friends and stick by each other throw good and bad times. If your friend is in need of help, offer to help in anyway if possible. You will truly be blessed for all of your good deeds one day.

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