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How to Get Things Appraised

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Written by Bill Hanks   

Items of culture often carry a value. We all have items in our home or office that carry some sort of value. Many times, we often wonder just how much an item would bring on the open market. We often go to Craigslist or Ebay to try and get an idea of what an item is worth. This article takes a brief look at appraisals. What makes an item so valuable or not as much, as we might think?

All things have some sort of value. We appraise real estate, jewelry, cars, antiques and art work just to mention a few. There are individuals that specialize in making appraisals. Appraisals in real estate can bring big bucks to the appraiser. But, how valuable and authentic is their appraisals? After the last downfall in real estate the past few years, many would say that they are not very good.

Most appraisals are based on several things. Often, the first and sometimes the most enjoyable experience in an appraisal is cracking the mystery of the origin of the item. Often the first look at an object just gives us a glimpse of an object's origin and place in the world of collecting, with much more research and digging needed to be done.

1. What is the item made out of? Are there valuable metals or jewels involved? This alone can add great value to an item.

2. Who owned it last? In some cases, if it came from a historical individual, it can gain added value.

3. The age of the item is also a major factor. How old is it? This is why so much value is placed on antiques. They come from another culture or period of time. When you talk about age, you consider the history of the item.

4. Rarity of the item is very important. The fewer the items, the more it has in value.

5. Who made it? Has more value than who actually owned it. Usually, these are individuals that stood out in their profession.

6. Presentation. How can the item be used in it's present condition? If it can add to the culture of our daily life, it adds value to the item.

So one can see why appraisals are so important. If you have something of value, get it appraised. However, don;t rely on one person or group. Get a second or third opinion. You may discover that old item in the bottom of your Cedar Chest has more value than you realized.

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paul said:

Very good appraisal tips.
August 05, 2009
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