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How to Make an Apple Turkey
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Written by Bill Hanks   

how to make an apple turkeyA nice craft, that children can do to spice up the Fall or Thanksgiving holiday, is to make an Apple Turkey for show. When finished, these can be shown off as table decorations or as healthful snacks. This article will explain how to make this craft.

For this project, you will need fresh bright red apples that are not bruised. You will also need candy corn, toothpicks, miniature marshmallows, regular size round marshmallows and raisins.

First go to your local produce store and pick out the brightest largest apples you can find. Make sure there are no bruises or deformities on them. Set them on end and make sure that they sit straight up. When you get them home, take a light weight cotton cloth and shine them up. Again, don't bruise them. When they are shining to your satisfaction, set them aside.

Take your toothpicks and inspect them. You want to use the two pointed toothpick. You will need six toothpicks for each apple. We will make the tail first by sticking five toothpicks across the back part of the top of the apple. Now, place one toothpick at the front of the apple. The back five are for the tail and the front is for the neck and head of your turkey.

Once you have the toothpicks in place, you are ready to begin first with the raisins. Place three of them on each of the back five toothpicks. Center the raisin as best as you can, when sticking them on. Next place the miniature marshmallows on the very top of each toothpick.

Now place the large marshmallow for the head on top of the front toothpick. Use candy corn as a beak for the turkey. Place two raisins for eyes above the candy corn. You might want to fix the head first, before you mount it onto the toothpick.

Tip; You can use these as seat placements is by using a marker or painting and putting initials on them. You can then use them a seat settings.

These make fantastic craft projects for children to do.

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paul said:

This sounds like a very fun craft to do with your kids. Nice article.
November 17, 2009
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