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How to Run a Successful Avon Business

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Running your own business, either big or small, can be challenging, discouraging and not to mention time consuming. When becoming an Avon sales representative, you deal with the same issues. Avon products have been sold for decades proving that people are very much interested in buying Avon products, and the selling potential could be exceptional. It’s overcoming several fears and managing your time wisely that is needed to run your Avon business adequately.

Try it out. Flip through those pages and get familiar with the Avon products, and, of course, purchase some items that really grab your attention. Chances are you’ll find more items you will want to purchase than the items you need to purchase. You’ll soon learn how much fun it is looking through the Avon catalog and how easily interested one becomes after looking at it.

Approach people you know well. I encourage this strongly, so you can practice your approach. Simply state something along the lines of, “Hi how are ya? So, ____I just started selling Avon, care to look at the Avon catalog. They really have some great stuff at affordable prices. Skim through it and let me know if you’re interested.” Rarely, will you encounter a person, especially people in your inner circle, who will refuse to look at it. Believe me, the word will spread that you are now selling Avon and soon they will requesting your services without you having to approach them.

Be confident in your product. The best way of representing your product is having confidence in it and being honest about it. Not that you must flip through the Avon book and start pointing out the items you most definitely refuse to buy, but be honest. What are some items that you really enjoy and will buy again? Share your “I Love this___”, stories.

Once you’ve mastered step 2 and 3 start approaching people you don’t know. This will take a little more work, but quite honestly failing a couple of times is part of GREAT SUCCESS. Be enthused, excited, and inviting to everyone you approach and do not fear rejection. At this point, you will encounter people who prefer not to purchase anything and are brutally honest about it. Keep your cool and don’t become discouraged. It’s simply part of working in sales. Keep trying.

Once you start making money, start investing in items which will help you promote your business. There’s a website you can make part of your business. There are fliers you can pass out. There are car stickers you can decorate your car with. Business cards are good to make. I especially like buying extra Avon catalogs and adding my name, number and website on the back. I then roll them up, tie them up with a rubber band, go to different neighborhoods and start distributing them to different houses like the paper boy distributes his newspapers. This is GREAT FUN! There’s no limit to how many you should distribute.

Managing your time is essential. Learn to work around your other responsibilities. Prioritize! Get organized. You’ll need pens, post-its( super helpful),notebooks, extra Avon catalogs, and maybe even a stamp with your info. Make sure you have your things ready and neatly organized. This will help you so much when a client calls you up wanting to purchase some items.

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paul said:

I've never known anyone selling Avon but I have heard of people going to Avon parties where they can buy stuff. Sounds like a pretty good business idea.
July 08, 2009
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