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How to Brown A Roast For Slow Cooking - A Quick and Easy Technique
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Written by Janelle Cucuta   

brown a roastThis Quick and Easy Technique is a “must do” if you’re concerned with impressing and pleasing those who are eating. I will show you the “Quick and Easy” Technique to browning a roast. You can taste the difference in the roast every time. It’s the difference between “OH!! THIS ROAST IS GOOD!!” and “..ooohhh, ...this roast…is.....”

The difference between good cooking and just cooking to eat is simply the desire to add quality. A good cook is always interested in ways to improve their cooking. No one would be looking for recipes online if they were not interested in good cooking. You must be a good cook, or aspiring to be one, right? You wouldn’t be looking for recipes on the internet if you weren’t interested in finding pointers for cooking a good roast. It doesn’t take advice or pointers to cook badly.

Good cooks know that this technique is integral. If you want to cook a roast that is superb, you have to brown the roast before putting it in the crock pot. Plain and simple. No way around it. So, let me tell you the “Quick and Easy” way to Brown A Roast For Slow Cooking in a Crock Pot!”

First, I will be demonstrating this directive from the way that I now cook my roasts. I used to cook my roasts in one whole piece in the crock pot. I graduated from doing it that way. I decided that cooking it for 8 – 10 hours as one piece was non-sense when I could cut the roast into large portion sized pieces and cut my cooking time in half. (See more by clicking the link below: “How To Cook A Roast In A Crock Pot In ½ The Time”.)

However, if you prefer to cook your roast in one piece, then do that. The browning process doesn’t change, so feel free to do what works for you. Just skip any irrelevant steps regarding cutting or trimming pieces.

Ok, cut your roast into pieces that are a little larger than portion sized. You have to go a little larger because they will shrink while cooking. Trim your roast of any excess fat that is around the sides. (I also have an article that shows some “Quick and Easy” Techniques for how to trim a roast. See links below.)

When you have about 3 – 4min of trimming left, get your large pot and put about ½ cup of olive oil in the pot. Put it on the stove and turn the heat up to the high end of medium high. I brown my meat in a large pot because it’s so much easier to turn the meat over in a large pot than in a skillet.

Get your thyme, Old Bay, salt and pepper, garlic powder and oregano. Apply a little of each of these except the garlic powder, save that until near the end. Keep moving the meat around so that it browns evenly. Make sure you turn each piece over at least once so that both sides get brown.

At the point that it looks like the picture to the left, you’ve achieved your goal! Your meat will have released a lot of juice into the pot by now. Make sure you don’t dump that out. Empty the entire contents into the crock pot with your other roast ingredients. You’ve done it. Enjoy your roast, and taste the difference!

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