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How to Start a Prayer Chain
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How to Start a Prayer Chain

If you believe in the power of prayer, you should be aware that there's also a power in the number of people praying for the same cause. Prayer chains are a beautiful way of people coming together to help someone in need. Here's how you can get a prayer chain started when you're in need of help.

  • step 1

    Start by asking your family to pray with you. You and your family can set a time to stop whatever it is you're doing and gather together. Faithfully, with hands held ,and your family agreeing with your prayer, start praying.

  • Step 2

    Proceed on to invite your friends. You can have them meet you and your family. Set a time and a place for the prayer or have them pray in their home at the same time you and your family are praying. Invite your co-workers to do the same thing.

  • Step 3 Have your friends and co-workers invite their friends and family to pray for the same cause. Remember, they can pray at the comfort of their own home. Make sure they understand the reason for the prayer. This way your chain of praying friends will grow.
  • Step 4

    Don't forget to invite your internet friends and all your friends listed on the phone. You can send an email and a text explaining the reason for the prayer and the time you've set to pray.

  • Step 5 Be faithful and confident that all your prayers are being heard.

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