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How to Make a Goldfish Pond in Your Backyard

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Written by Bill Hanks   

How to Make a Goldfish Pond in Your Backyard

You can dress up your backyard or flower garden area by putting in a small Goldfish pond. A Goldfish pond is fun for your children as well as guests that you might entertain. This article will share how to put a pond in your backyard or flower garden.

Things that you will need. Spade, level, sand, pond liner, deicer, fish food, plants, rocks, and gold fish.

First, determine where you want your pond to go. It is good to have an area that has both shade and sunlight. Some individuals like for it to be the center of their area and others off to the side. Select the size that will meet your budget needs. Your choices for durability is a earthen bottom, concrete, fiberglass or PVC liner.

Excavate the site with your spade. The hole and ground around it must be level. Use the level to be sure that it is. Some ponds have a little deeper end. However, it is still level. Now, line the base of the pond with wet sand. Then insert your liner. Make sure the liner is a good fit.

Fill the pond slowly and gently. You must have five times more water than inches of Goldfish. Example; if you have five 4 inch fish then you need 100 gallons of water.

You can add a few rocks for decorations. Some people put white sand in the bottom of the pond. Just enough to cover the bottom.

Introduce your fish slowly by putting placing the bad that they are in into the pond. After about one hour, release them. You will feed your fish in the spring and winter. They will get plenty of insects in the summer. In the winter they are dormant.

During the winter, put in your electric deicer to keep the pond from freezing over. A little ice won't hurt.

You can set or plant plants around your pond in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Finally, get a book and read up on Goldfish care and pond care, too. A Goldfish pond is not that hard to put in and can be a nice addition to your property.

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paul said:

This sounds like a really cool feature to add to your yard. I think I would be too forgetful to maintain a goldfish pond properly.
June 11, 2009
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