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How to Prepare Rice for Chinese Food

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Written by Summer Banks   

Intro: Rice for home cooked Chinese food needs to be cooked well in advance and chilled before frying. If the rice is hot it will absorb all of the oil and ruin the Chinese fried rice.

Chinese Fried Rice

Step 1: Place the rice and water in a microwave safe bowl. The rice and water measurements can be placed in the bowl right before cooking. Top off the bowl with a sheet of plastic wrap or a microwave safe plate.

Step 2: Cook on high then medium. Split the cooking time in half and program the microwave to cook the first half of the time on high and the second half of the time on medium.

Step 3: Allow the rice to cool at least 2 hours. You can remove the rice from the microwave and stir before placing the same microwave safe bowl in the refrigerator. If the rice is cooled overnight, the Chinese fried rice will turn out much more authentic.

Tips: Different types of rice will have different textures.
Try Basmati or Jasmine rice for added aroma and flavor.
This rice can be used for a variety of other recipes as well.

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