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How to Find Cheap Gas

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Written by lifeengineer   

Find cheap gas the next time you have to fill up your tank. Have you ever purchased gas then left the gas station and drove a block to find gas 8 cents cheaper? It has happened to us all. Use the following tips to buy gas as cheap as possible every time you need to fill up.

Sign up for a reward / gas discount card at your grocery.

Several grocery stores offer discounted gas when you buy groceries from them. The programs vary, but you can get some significant savings by buying something you need anyways, groceries. Groceries like Giant Eagle offers 20 cents off each $50 you spend in the store. They even count purchasing of gift cards to many other stores like home depot, Ebay, and Best Buy towards the gas discounts. If you have a big ticket item to purchase at one of these stores, first go buy the gift cards at Giant Eagle to get your gas discount, and then use the gift cards. Gas savings can add up quickly.

Sign up for a gas station rewards card.

Some major gas chains have rewards cards available that will help you save on gas. The cards are a way these companies can reward loyal customers.

Try http://www.speedway.com/SpeedyRewards/

Or www.shellsavercard.com


Use the internet to find the cheapest gas in your area. The following sites keep updated information on local gas prices.

Go to www.gasbuddy.com.

Go to www.gaspricewatch.com.

Go to www.automotive.com/gas-prices.

If you have an IPOD use it to find cheap gas wherever you are.

Use Cheap Gas! which is available as an iPhone application from iTunes. This app uses gasbuddy.com data to provide reports based on your current location. It will even provide you with a map if you do not know how to get to the gas station.


Using any of these tips will help you find cheap gas in your neighborhood or when you are on the road.

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paul said:

Very good tips. I am not happy about the high summer gas prices!
June 30, 2009
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lighthouse1958 said:

We'll gas is going up again. We need all the advice we can get, thanks. 5*
April 11, 2010
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