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How to Make Prints Look Old or Antique

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Written by stone24   

Prints or pictures can be disguised as being old or antique by a simple method somebody taught me a long time ago.

Take a print or a picture preferably non-glossy; lay it on a piece of newspaper on the table. Use an old rag (cotton works best) and apply a good amount of old English furniture polish for dark wood on one side of your rag.

Let the rag soak up the furniture polish for about 5-10 minutes, then with one hand hold the print down so it can’t move and with the other hand holding the rag saturated with the polish, very gently and with light strokes wipe the print with the rag.

Start at the top and go down to the bottom of the picture; do the whole print this way. You will see how the polish adds an antique look to your picture. Allow the old English to dry completely before you put your print into a glass frame or else it will transfer onto your glass making the picture look smeary.

After you have your print framed and hanging on the wall; everybody will think it is an old antique picture.

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