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How to Remove Overgrown Shrubs

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Overgrown Shrubs

First do not cut the shrub down. You may cut some of it to get around the back of the shrub. Then you need to wrap one end of the chain around the bottom of the shrub and hook it. Making sure to keep the chain off the ground. let the chain slide up on the shrub so that it is pulling it out of the ground. Not across the ground.

Next you preferably want to keep the truck on concrete or pavement if at all possible. You don't want to destroy the lawn. Back the vehicle up to the chain. Hook the chain to the vehicle and slowly snug the chain.

Use a flat edge sharp spade and dig in around the back of the shrub. Chop as many of the roots in the back as possible. Clear the way from chain and truck. Slowly pull the truck forward. The shrub should start coming up out of the ground. Stop remove chain and repeat steps for each shrub.

If the shrubs are more stubborn continue hacking at the roots until the vehicle can pull it out. Remove all of the shrubs and rake out the area. Now you are ready to begin to design your new landscape.

Some cities, townships, or communities will pick up your debris from the curbside if you call them. You may also have a local refuse facility that will accept the debris.

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