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How to Determine if You are Republican or Democrat

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Written by Big Dan   

Intro: Many younger people are unsure if they are Republican or Democrat. Follow these steps to determine where you fall.


Step 1: Determine if you are Liberal or Conservative. Conservatives are more traditional, believe that marriage is important, illegal drug use is not acceptable, and typically don’t use profanity.


Liberals are more relaxed in regards to many topics. Marriage isn’t as important, profanity isn’t a huge deal, and illegal drug use is acceptable. If conservative describes you better, then you are probably a Republican. If Liberal describes you better, than you are probably a Democrat. If you are in the middle, then let’s continue on.


Step 2: Republicans have strong support for the military and believe in peace through strength. Democrats have somewhat of distrust for the military and want peace through appeasement.


Step 3: Republicans are highly religious while Democrats typically see religion as being less important.


Step 4: Democrats are more likely to see adult rated movies while Republicans are more into sports.


Step 5: Some other major issues where Democrats and Republicans differ are gay rights, abortion, and taxes.


Step 6: Democrats support gay rights, abortion, and support tax increases while Republicans do not.


Tips: If you are still unsure whether you are a Republican or Democrat, then you may not be either one.


Try taking a Republication/Democrat online test.


If you voted for Obama, then you are probably a Democrat.

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