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How to Make Jungle Juice Cheap

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How to Make Jungle Juice Cheap

Intro: Jungle juice is a huge party favorite among college students. Making jungle juice cheap is very important since most college kids are on a tight budget. Follow these steps to make jungle juice cheap.


Step 1: To make cheap jungle juice, you will have to buy lower quality alcohol. Some types of alcohol in this recipe aren’t very cheap but they are a must for quality jungle juice.


Step 2: Gather your ingredients. For cheap jungle juice, you will need 1 L of Everclear, 5 L of cheap vodka, 1 bottle of Peach Schnapps, 2 off-brand orange juice concentrates, 1 L of Sunny Delight, 1 bottle of 99 Apples, a pint of Bacardi 151, 1 L Triple Sec, 1.75 L gin, 8 L of cheap Fruit Punch, 4 bottles of Strawberry Hill Boone’s Farm wine, 1 bottle of Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps, and 10 L lemon-lime cola.


Step 3: You will also need fruit for your cheap jungle juice. The most popular fruit choices are pineapple, oranges, and even watermelon. Remember, buy fruit that is in season. Fruit that is not in season will cost a lot more! Also, a bag of oranges and a watermelon will provide so much fruit, you won't need much else. However, I recommend picking up a fresh pineapple because it tastes really good in the jungle juice mixture.


Step 4: Mix all of your alcoholic ingredients together and let the fruit soak for at least a few hours.


Step 5: After soaking, add all of your fruit juices. You should now let your cheap jungle juice mixture sit overnight.


Step 6: Serve your jungle juice the next day. Keep it cold with dry ice. Adding normal ice to the juice will water it down.


Tips: You should check out multiple recipes and create a concoction you like best.


Warnings: Jungle juice is very strong even though you may not really taste the alcohol.


Drink it slow and pace yourself when drinking this cheap jungle juice mixture.


Never drink and drive!

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December 06, 2009
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