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How to Restuff Sofa Cushions

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How to Restuff Sofa CushionsDoes sitting on your sofa remind you of sitting on the high school's bleachers? You don't need to spend thousands on new furniture; you just need to give your sofa a facelift! In this article, you'll learn how to easily restuff your sofa cushions~

Step 1 - First, you'll need to purchase an inexpensive foam mattress pad. The size you will need will depend on the size of your furniture. For example, if you're working on a love seat, you'll likely only need a twin size mattress pad. I find that using a pad made of memory foam produces the best results. (Check 'resources' for links)

Step 2 - Next, you'll want to take a measurement of your sofa's cushions. (The measurements don't have to be exact.) Let's say your cushions measure approximately 20 inches by 35 inches. Subtract 2 from each number giving you 18 inches by 33 inches. Now, you'll create a pattern for yourself. Use your marker to draw a square/rectangle on the foam pad using your calculations. Take your scissors and cut along the lines. The number of squares you will need depends on how many cushions you have; however, you can now use your first square as a template.

Step 3 - And now for the stuffing! You'll need to gain access to the inside of your cushions. If you can take the cushion off of the sofa, you will most likely find a zipper on the back side of it. However, if you're working on a sectional, you may have to feel around the edges to find the Velcro access. Take one of your foam squares and cut it in half. This makes placing the pad much easier and you'll never notice in your finished project. Place the pad on top of the existing stuffing ensuring the smooth side of the pad is facing up. Take the second half of the pad and place it adjacent to the first, ensuring there is no gap between them. If your current stuffing is completely broken down, you can replace it entirely, by using multiple squares of the foam pad stacked on top of each other.

Tips & Warnings

You can cut your foam squares into smaller pieces to make it easier to place inside your cushions.

Save any extra foam padding for cushion 'touch-ups.'

If you want a softer cushion, you can place fiber-fill on top of the foam padding.

Use care when handling scissors.

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paul said:

Good tips. Restuffing your cushions could help you save a lot of money.
June 27, 2009
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
This is a great way to put all pillow slip covers to work around your house.
June 27, 2009
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