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How to Improve Peripheral Vision

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How to Improve Peripheral Vision

Intro: Peripheral vision can be improved with a few easy and simple tips. Follow these steps and suggestions to improve peripheral vision.

Step 1: To improve peripheral vision, get a pair of non-prescription glasses which have clear lenses or use your normal prescription glasses.

Step 2: Use masking tape to tape a little square block on your glasses, right in your normal line of sight.

Step 3: Now that the tape is right in your line of sight, you will have to use your peripheral vision to see anything.

Step 4: When you aren’t busy with important work stuff, you can put on your taped glasses and improve peripheral vision.

Tips: To improve peripheral vision, in your free time, try to wear the taped glasses. This has been known to help many people improve peripheral vision.

Warnings: Never wear your taped glasses while driving or doing any important activity.

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