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How to Cure Neck Pain Naturally

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How to Cure Neck Pain Naturally

Intro: If you suffer from neck pain often, then follow these steps to cure it naturally.


Step 1: Wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it on the back of your neck.


Step 2: To cure neck pain, sit with good posture. You want to be looking straight at the TV or at your computer. You should avoid looking up or down when working on the computer.


Step 3: Stretch out your neck daily. Move your head from a normal position forward and then back. Move it left and then back, and etc.


Step 4: When lifting heavy objects, lift with your legs and not your back.


Step 5: To prevent neck pain, wear a scarf when out in the cold to help keep your neck warm.


Step 6: To cure neck pain naturally, soak in a hot tub or bath.


Step 7: Use a smaller pillow when sleeping so your head is more level.


Tips: To cure neck pain naturally, you have to be aware of every time you lift something and be careful to not strain your neck.


Warnings: If your neck pain continues to get worse or doesn’t get better, see a doctor.

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