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How to Cure Red Eyes Naturally
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How to Cure Red Eyes Naturally

Intro: If your eyes are blood shot or red for an extended period of time then you need to follow these steps to cure red eyes naturally.


Step 1: Lay a cold washcloth over your closed eyes to help reduce swelling of the blood vessels in your eyes. This method will reduce red eyes naturally unlike eye drops.


Step 2: Using special eye drops from the store will help reduce your red eyes for awhile by constricting the blood vessels but will make your eyes worse once the drops wear off.


Step 3: Drink a lot of water. Water can help hydrate your body along with your tear ducts.


Step 4: Wash your eyes with warm water at night.


Step 5: Two herbs which may help are eyebright and cornflower.


Tips: To cure red eyes naturally, you should leave your contacts out of your eyes for a week or two and then put in a fresh pair.


If your red eyes won't go away, there are many amazing products out there which cure red eyes quickly. Click here to check out these redness relieving eye drops.


Warnings: Visit your doctor if your red eyes continue to get worse or don’t get better.


Some eye conditions can be pretty serious.

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paul said:

Wearing contacts gives me red eyes sometimes...I will have to try some of these remedies.
June 11, 2009
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usefulinfo said:

Thanks for the helpful tips, staring at the computer screen for hours, gives me red eyes.
December 06, 2009
Votes: -1

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