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How to Cure Pink Eye Naturally

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How to Cure Pink Eye Naturally

Intro: If your eye has a puss discharge and is a pinkish-red color, you may have pink eye. Follow these steps to cure pink eye naturally.


Step 1: Mix water and enough charcoal poultices to make a paste and then spread this paste over a piece of material larger than your eye. Place this material over the infected eye and then wrap an ace bandage around your head to hold it in place. Leave this on overnight.


Step 2: Use a dropper to put clear fluid in the eye every few hours.


Step 3: Use a little salt water to rinse discharge out of your pink eye.


Step 4: Remove your contacts and throw them away. You should only wear your glasses until all traces of pink have been gone for a few days.


Step 5: Avoid getting anything in your eye, especially make-up, dust, smoke, chemicals, and any other foreign substances.


Tips: The cure pink eye naturally, you must keep every foreign object out of your eyes and keep treating the area.


Wash your hands after every treatment to prevent spreading to the other eye.


Warnings: See a doctor if your pink eye doesn’t start to go away within a week or if it gets worse.

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