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How to Cure Inflammation Naturally

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How to Cure Inflammation Naturally

Intro: If you are experiencing swelling, fever, tenderness, and heat in an area of your body, you may have inflammation. Follow these steps to cure inflammation naturally.


Step 1: Avoid all junk foods and eat mostly raw foods. Try taking some bromelin with a little magnesium and L-cysteine to help reduce the inflammation.


Step 2: Rest the inflamed body part and use that muscle or area as little as possible.


Step 3: Elevate the inflamed area. Keeping it elevated above your heart will help reduce blood flow to the area which reduces swelling.


Step 4: Ice your inflamed area. Ice helps reduce swelling and eases the pain of the inflammation.


Step 5: Compress the area with an ace bandage. Apply some chamomile on the area before compressing it with the bandage.


Tips: Curing inflammation may just take time. Rest the area and give it some time to heal.


Warnings: See your doctor if the inflammation worsens or doesn’t go away.

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